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The healing experience is a very positive one at Enfield Health & Wellness. I highly recommend it to patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

Jesse Grant Eisler, MD, PhD
Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon
Connecticut Back Center


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Enfield & Suffield Connecticut Physical Therapy

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The Health & Wellness Centers of Enfield and Suffield have a number of resources geared to the interests and needs of the prescribers who refer their patients to physical therapy or chiropractic.

Physical Therapy Newsletters for Doctors around Enfield and Suffield Connecticut            See the Chiropractic Research Notes

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Physical Therapy Newsletters for Prescribers

The Health & Wellness Centers of Enfield and Suffield routinely mail newsletters to physicians to explain treatment options available through referral and to highlight the most current thinking in physical therapy. Here we have posted a few of these newsletters for your perusal. (see more on the physician newsletter page)


Success With the Most Common Form of Vertigo in Two Treatments

The Vestibular Disorders Association estimates that 42% of the adult population reports episodes of dizziness or vertigo to their physicians and that in 85% of those cases, vestibular dysfunction causes the patient’s problems.  Left unaddressed, the occassional dizziness or dysequilibrium can lead to injury falls, auto accidents, work accidents, or fear of performing normal activities of daily living.
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Delivering Long-Term Relief for Chronic Headaches

Every year, 17% of women and 14% of men present themselves to a healthcare practitioner looking for relief from headaches.1  Practitioners seeking to offer maximum, long-term relief to their patients can include headache treatment at the Health & Wellness Centers of Enfield and Suffield as part of their management strategy.  We offer headache assessment and management that provides expert care for orthopedic factors contributing to many recurring headache and migraine situations. 
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Non-Specific Low Back Pain - Not Specific Enough
Classification Improves PT Results

Authors have suggested that, while this broad category may be useful in medical practice, it can be deleterious to clinical research, clinical guidelines, and, resultantly,  physical therapy practice. The assessment-based therapy treatment plan, delivered promptly after injury, produces results superior to strictly interpreted AHCPR “evidence-based guidelines.”

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Is Back Pain an Injury?
What is the More Cost Effective Model?

In this article, we explore a promising alternative to the misguided acute vs. chronic model and explain why most cases of low back pain should not be treated as an injury.  Low back pain (LBP) ranks as a leading cause of disability among Connecticut’s adults.  Despite increased attention to the problem over the past three decades, annual healthcare costs related to LBP continue to rise at rates exceeding inflation.  Research has shown some cost-effective approaches for prevention of low back pain and LBP disability, and these approaches are available to you through the Health & Wellness Centers of Enfield and Suffield.

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